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Yat Tung Heen Mooncakes

Yat Tung Heen Mooncakes


由逸東軒星級團隊主理的兩款經典迷你月餅,均以古典木禮盒承載,在慶祝佳節過後,可將禮盒循環再用,變奏出極具古典韻味的木製首飾盒,貼合香港黃金年代的風格,高貴典雅,是饋贈親友的首選。Eaton House會員於2019年7月14日或之前訂購精選月餅禮盒,可享正價七折優惠;於2019年7月15日至9月12日期間訂購,可享正價八折優惠。(請在訂購時使用促銷代碼“EH20”。) (數量有限、售完即止)

Enjoy delicious mooncakes within our unique treasure chest made of traditional wood. This vintage jewelry box, styled to Hong Kong’s golden era, can be reused long after the mooncakes are shared, serving as a memorable keepsake and nostalgic memento for years to come. Eaton House members can enjoy 30% off regular prices for orders made on or before 14 July 2019 and 20% off regular prices for orders made between 15 July and 12 September 2019 by applying the promotion code “EH20”. (While stock lasts) 

產品介紹 | Product

換領地點 | Collection Locations


請於2019年7月3日至9月12日期間於佐敦逸東軒兌換月餅禮券,並向領取地點的店舖員工出示任何有效的月餅禮券換領月餅禮盒。 Please redeem the mooncake vouchers at Yat Tung Heen (Jordan) between 3 July to 12 September 2019 and present any valid voucher to the store associate for processing. 


月餅禮盒可於2019年8月20日至9月12日期間換領,逾期無效。(2019年9月11至12日只限於明閣領取)Mooncake can be redeemed from 20 August to 12 September 2019. (Any redemption from 11 to 12 September 2019 will only be available at Ming Court)  

  1. 逸東軒 Yat Tung Heen | 香港九龍彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店B2樓層 / Level B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong | (852) 2710 1093

  2. 逸東軒(灣仔)Yat Tung Heen (Wan Chai) | 香港灣仔港灣道23號鷹君中心2樓 / Level 2, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong | (852) 2878 1212

  3. 唐閣 T’ang Court | 香港九龍尖沙咀北京道8號香港朗廷酒店1樓 / Level 1, The Langham, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong | (852) 2132 7898 

  4. 明閣 Ming Court | 香港九龍旺角上海街555號香港康得思酒店L樓層 / Level L, Cordis, 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong | (852) 3552 3301 

  5.  Eaton Club | 香港中環花園道3號冠君大廈5樓 / Level 5 , Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong | (852) 3971 8999

換領時間 Collection time :

每日上午11點至晚上9點 (Eaton Club除外) | Everyday 11:00am - 9:00pm (Excluding Eaton Club)

平日上午11點至晚上7點 (Eaton Club) | Weekday 11:00am - 7:00pm (Eaton Club)


條款及細則 Terms & Conditions

換領月餅禮券 Mooncake Voucher Redemption 

  • 顧客須於2019年7月3日至9月12日內帶同電子確認信(以印刷形式或在移動設備上顯示)於佐敦逸東軒兌換月餅禮券。The customer shall present the e-confirmation letter (either in printed form or shown on the mobile device) at Yat Tung Heen (Jordan) to redeem the mooncake voucher from 3 July to 12 September 2019.

  • 電子確認信僅可兌換一張有效之月餅禮券。The e-confirmation letter is valid for the exchange of one voucher only.

  • 顧客必須在月餅禮券換領期內領取,逾期無效。The mooncake voucher must be collected within the collection period, or will be forfeited.

  • 只接受逸東軒官方電郵所發出的電子確認信以兌換月餅禮券。逸東軒保留檢查電子憑證的權利,並拒絕任何可疑的電子確認信副本。Only accept original e-confirmation letter in email from official Yat Tung Heen address for mooncake voucher redemption. Yat Tung Heen reserves the right to examine the e-confirmation letter and reject any suspected copy.

  • 月餅電子確認信的序列號不能重複兌換。任何欺詐行為都會引起刑事起訴。The serial number of mooncake e-confirmation are invalid for repeat redemption. Any attempt to fraud will bring forth criminal prosecution.

  • 閣下請確保你的電子換領券妥善保存,以避免任何遺失、失竊或誤用。

    You are responsible for keeping your e-voucher safe. You must take all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft or misuse of the e-voucher.

  • 所有網上預訂不設退款、退換及取消。

    All online orders are non-refundable, no exchanges and no cancellations.

  • 所有網上預訂不可轉售他人、兌換現金及更換其他產品。

    All online orders cannot be used to resell, redeem for cash and exchange for other products.

  • 未經逸東酒店集團同意,已出售之月餅不可用於任何推廣或商業活動。

    Purchased mooncake order cannot be used to any promotional or commercial activities without the consent of Eaton HK.

  • 如有任何爭議,逸東酒店將保留最終決定權

    In case of any disputes, the decision of Eaton HK shall be final.

  • 若條款及細則中的中英文版本有任何不一致,則以英文版本為準。

    In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

月餅禮券使用 Mooncake Voucher Use 

  • 顧客須於2019年8月20日至9月12日期間兌換月餅,逾期無效。The customer shall present the mooncake voucher at the collection location to redeem the mooncake from 20 August to 12 September 2019.

  • 換領時必須出示此券正本。This original voucher must be presented for redemption.

  • 月餅禮券只可換領月餅禮盒一盒。The mooncake voucher is valid for the exchange of one box of mooncake set only.

  • 月餅禮券不可退款或兌換成現金。The mooncake voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

  • 若遺失此券或有任何損毀,恕不補發。Lost and damaged vouchers will not be re-issued.

  • 月餅禮券必須經公司蓋印,方為有效。The mooncake voucher is only valid when it bears an authorized signature and company stamp.

  • 如有任何爭議,逸東軒及香港逸東酒店將保留最終決定權。Yat Tung Heen and Eaton HK bear no responsibility and no compensation for loss or expiry of this voucher.

  • 請於一日前致電換領地點查詢貨源。Please call the collection locations to enquiry about the stock at least one day in advance.